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    Where can I download? How can I become a part of the community?
    You'll find Value online, in the App Store for iOS and in the Google Play Store for Android. The app is available to you free of charge at any time.

    How much does the Value App cost?
    The Value App itself is free to use, but you can buy items within the App for real money, such as more magical seeds, cosmetic items for Terra and Droids, and more. You will receive the items in exchange for the Value game coins "TerraCoins", which you can buy for real money via InApp purchases.

    What is the goal of Value?
    Value simply strives to support a nature-conscious lifestyle via smartphone. The goal is to motivate as many players as possible to plant real trees through the unique game mechanism. Value also shows you sustainable restaurants, coffees, markets and shops on the map, which you can visit at any time. When discovering Value spots and collecting seeds you get experience points (EP) which allow you to advance to higher levels.

    What data is transferred?
    In order to log in to both the website and the mobile application Value, we ask you to provide the following data: username, valid email address, primary usage environment (postal code), age and gender. This data is used for example for newsletter subscriptions, internal and external analysis, statistics, service improvement, optimisation of functionality and in-game rewards for users.
    Of course, you can also visit our homepage without entering any personal data - but you will not be able to use the full functionality of the website. Here we only receive data that your browser automatically leaves behind due to technical requirements. To use the mobile App Value, however, you need to log in and fill in the mandatory fields.

    What happens to my data for the account?
    By creating your personal account, you have access to the full range of services and functions of the Value world for free. When you log in to the homepage or the mobile App Value and create a personal account, you agree that your data, access data, email address, age, gender, usage environment will be stored.

    How can I change my password?
    You can change your password at any time in the menu under "Change Password". Enter your current password in the first field and your new password in the two fields below.

    What happens if I forget my password?
    You can reset your password when you log in using the "Forgot your password?" function. This will take you to the "Reset Password" page and you will receive an email to your email address with a link to the new password.

    What happens if I delete the Value App from my phone?
    If only the value app on your mobile device is deleted or uninstalled, the data can still be accessed and stored on the Value homepage under your login. If you want to delete your profile permanently, click on: Delete profile permanently. This will erase all your data, your previous level and your personal inventory as well as vouchers.

    What is the Value Newsletter?
    With the Value Newsletter you will be kept up to date on a regular basis and you will be informed via email about new partners, offers, promotions, updates and new functions. For this purpose, we use the data you provide when registering for the newsletter. There is no further use of this data. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time and thus revoke the effect for the future. You can confirm the cancellation of the newsletter directly via a link in the newsletter itself.

    How can I design my avatar?
    In Value you can customize your character according to your wishes. Select your character portrait in the menu bar. On the map you will find countless new items for your inventory, including hairstyles, eye colors for Terra and her companion droids. There are no limits to your individual creativity!

    How do I appear on the map?
    On the interactive GPS based map you will be shown as your avatar at the current location. Other users will not be shown on the map, so you are not visible to other value players.

    What is shown on the map?
    The magical "Explorer" map is your main display and is based on your environment. With it you can find places worth seeing, seeds, trees and treasure chests. Your avatar is always in the center of the interactive environment. At the edge of the screen you will find your search categories, the search bar and your settings options.

    How do I receive and redeem Terra Coins?
    Terra Coins is the name of Value's mobile InGame currency. You get them as a reward for opening a treasure chest on the interactive map. These tokens allow you to purchase new gadgets for your avatar or vouchers from your favorite company.

    How do I redeem my voucher?
    To avoid having to worry about expensive prices for sustainable products, you can easily get vouchers on your smartphone. In treasure chests in front of Value Spots you will receive suitable discounts and offers which you can redeem directly on the spot. In your personal archive you will find all the vouchers you received or got for Terra Coins. You can open your vouchers at our partners' and click Activate voucher - then you will get a barcode via email and it will be shown in the app for you to show at the cash desk.

    How do I contribute to the planting of real trees?
    By moving around on the virtual map, you collect little bags of tree seeds. If you discover a value spot on the way, it is your task to throw these tree seeds into the grassed area in order to grow a virtual and real tree. If the success bar over a grass area is full, then a virtual tree is planted from it by our partners Plant-For-The-Planet in Mexico for afforestation of the rainforest. In your profile bar you can also see how many trees you have planted by using the seeds on the value map. Thus, every Value player becomes a part of a living ecosystem and helps to bind the C02 on our planet and thus to contain the climate crisis.

    Where are my trees planted?
    The trees are planted by Plant-For-The-Planet in Central America, more precisely in Mexico, for afforestation of the rainforest that has been cleared by humans. Because Mexico is very close to the equator, the trees grow five times faster than in Europe or North America, which means that more CO2 can be stored and absorbed more efficiently and in less time.

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